To be spiritual only is not enough ; that prepares a number of souls for heaven, but leaves the earth very much as it was.

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Our Welfare Projects

Sponsor Education ... NEEDED $1200

Supporting a Girl child’s education is truly a wonderful way to be a part...

Contribute for a s... NEEDED Rs.12000

This library project is special to me because I believe in these kids and I...

Sri Aurobindo Inte... NEEDED

The surest way to make lasting change happen is to adopt the reforms in edu...


    Learning to Know……Learning to Do……Learning to Liv

    Auroville – The City of Dawn

    With technology taking an edge over everything and the world getting flatter day by day, we are slow

    ADHD- A Brain Disorder

    “People treat my son like a moron. He just can’t stop fidgeting. Teachers in his school always g

  • Why Integral Education

    Improving Education through innovative technology and growth of the Spirit “Everyone has in him

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