Organic Farming project – Rs. 3000

  • Posted : 15/08/2016

The School has been cultivating vegetables in 30 per cents of land on their school campus, so as to provide pesticide-free and nourishing noon meal to the students. After attaining self-sufficiency in vegetable cultivation, the school is now on a mission to promote organic farming among the public.

The children are quite interested in farming and they often contribute to the school’s noon meals. Moreover, with their drama providing tips for efficient usage of water and fertilizers, besides creating awareness on the ill-effects of the vegetables in the market, more people are getting interested in organic farming.

Sri Life events

Through continuous fundraising events, we strive to make the life of the impoverished children better. We also try to improve their nutrition level by providing them better food, so that they can provide a healthy life to their children.

Rs. 15,000/year can initiate organic fruits cultivation for 55 children of the school.