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Sri life Global Foundation is an extensive platform, where You can Contribute the little part of the fortune to promote Integral education and spiritual growth of the child soul. You can be a part of this movement of transforming education system, Which helps the child to develop all facets of his personality and awaken latent possibilities in deprived Indian children.

India is the blessed land of Illustrious teachers – Sri Krishna, Vidura, Bhishma, Dronacharya in the Mahabharata and Vashistha in the Ramayana have dwelt on the philosophy of all aspects of Education – Knowledge, Intelligence, Mind and the Spirit. At a much later stage one encounters teachers like Susruta, Buddha, Mahavira, Vivekananda, Radhakrishnan, Zakir Husain and  Sri Aurobindo. They expounded the principles of education which needs to be examined in the present context for the upliftment and advancement of the society. The world needs an awakened and embolden India to establish a new consciousness on Earth.
Sri Aurobindo has been widely acclaimed as a modern seer and a Vedic scholar. He had headed the first National College of Education of Calcutta and had written extensively on the subject of education. Deeply studying the sacred texts of Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita and Vedas, and based on his own spiritual experiences Sri Aurobindo developed a new synthesis that he called Integral Yoga. For years he, considered the formation of an Education Center as one of the best means of preparing the future humanity to manifest upon earth a divine consciousness. We surrender ourselves to this greater purpose and aspired to put maximum efforts to serve it. The surest way to make lasting change happen is to adopt the reforms in education sector, we think of children in their entirety, an individual and firmly advocate the child centered education – Integral Education.
Integral education refers to the Educational theories of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, It helps the child to develop all facets of his personality and awaken latent possibilities so that he acquires
-a strong, supple, healthy, beautiful body.
-a sensitive, emotionally refined, energetic personality.
-a wide-ranging, lively intelligence and will.
-the subtler spiritual qualities that unify and harmonise the being around his inmost Truth or Soul.
We have seen more than 500 Aurobindo schools flourishing wonderfully in Odisha. In spite of numerous pitfalls and challenges many attempting at their level best to impart education, taking it as a cogent means of translating the philosophy of Integral Yoga into actuality in the society. Sadly some schools in initial stage struggling to survive due to lack of sufficient funds. As our first project Sri Life team has adopted one of the Sri Aurobindo schools in a far village area near Cuttack, Odisha. We aspire to develop it as a unique example of an international school based on the ultimate ideology and hence contributing in transformation of society with spiritual growth.
It is this spirit that enables the team members, originating from various parts of India and abroad, representing every ethnic, linguistic, religious and ideological persuasion, to come together for this project. Each of you can get involved by contributing your time, talent, skills and dedication to make it successful. Our commitment forms the core of this Indigenous Spiritual Indian movement that today involves a small group of like minded people, soon will cover the larger mass.

Sangeeta Rakesh Goswami
Sri Life Team

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